Aware, Alert and Able

This training series is designed to help you respond and adapt to two major changes taking place in our Province, and your ties to them as a forestry worker:

Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples & Climate Change (particularly forestry work and wildfire).


Increase your awareness of Indigenous history and culture, and become more mindful and alert when you are working in our Province’s forests and on First Nations traditional territories.

After completing this training you will be more able able to develop good relations and opportunities with Indigenous Peoples as forestry worker and as a Canadian Citizen. Your will be more aware, alert and able to support Indigenous Reconciliation.




    Become more aware of the changing wildfire environment in BC's forestry sector, especially our province's fire-adapted ecosystems.


    After completing this training series, you should be more able to report and respond effectively to wildfire—in other words, you will be more aware, alert and able in the face of the growing risk of wildfire.